At True North, we serve as your consultative partner – a more strategic role than most moving companies. We specialize in helping clients navigate the complexities of global shipping, customs, insurance, and the inevitable twists and turns that require skillful problem solving en route to the destination. Here are some tips that will help your relocation go smoothly.

Plan Like an Early Bird

Start at least one month ahead of time. The average transit time for shipments is between 6-9 weeks, depending on the destination. It is customary to have a mover scheduled 4-5 weeks before your target move date. The summer months (June, July, and August) are traditionally the busiest moving months. If you can schedule your relocation during the Fall or Winter, you will have more flexibility with dates and service options.

Get Multiple Quotes

Like many service-oriented industries, the saying, “you get what you pay for” is true in the moving business. Get at least 3 quotations for your relocation and don’t automatically choose based on the lowest quotation. All companies have different ways to calculate and route overseas shipments. Make sure you understand what you are paying for because once a company has possession of your shipment, it is very difficult to renegotiate.

Hire Based on Trust NOT Bottom Bidder

Moving overseas can be very stressful and emotional. Make sure you feel confident in the company you hire to move your shipment. Check them out through the Better Business Bureau or through local professional associations. Ask tons of questions and require references. Any reputable provider should be able to answer all of your questions and reassure you during the entire relocation process.

Be Realistic Rather than Idealistic
  • Exact delivery dates are difficult; quotes include ESTIMATED transit times.
  • Shipping lines, slow to adopt technology, may not provide timely status reports.
  • Ships often don’t sail on the date they are expected.
  • Freight gets delayed due to strikes, weather and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Customs procedures change constantly and delays are common.
  • Port congestion and equipment availability (trucks and steamship containers) can affect transit times. 

Once you choose True North, we work closely with you to assure that you have an accurate picture of how the process will unfold and feel supported by highly trained experts – no matter what comes up along the way.

Expect a High Level of Coordination

Overseas moves require a higher level of communication and organization than local or domestic moves. We will partner with you so you feel prepared from start to finish.

Relocate Like a V.I.P.

With our extensive network of overseas customs brokers, port agents and moving companies, True North customizes the process for your situation to smooth the way to your new post. Every relocation is unique, so we adjust our approach to deliver exactly what you need.

Experience a Seamless Process

To improve the client experience, True North developed proprietary software, called Move Me There. This software was designed, written and developed by freight forwarders, specifically for international relocations to make the transition seamless from one stage of the relocation process to the next.

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