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Let’s get granular – the more detailed the information you provide, the more precise the relocation cost estimate will be.

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  • Plan to spend 10-20 minutes
  • List all items, even if you aren’t sure you’ll take everything
  • Expect a rate quotation within 48 hours

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Can I pack my own boxes to save money?

Packing your own boxes will not save you money. Boxes that are Packed by Owner (PBO) are not allowed in international shipments.

Can I send jewelry or important documents?

Valuables, such as cash, stamp collections, coin collections, deeds/titles, jewelry, bullion or medications should not be included in your household goods shipment. We recommend that you take these items with you on the airplane.

Will there be duties/taxes at the destination?

Duties/taxes are determined by local agencies at the destination. We recommend that you contact the consulate for your destination country about your specific situation.  

Is there storage available?

Yes, we are happy to provide you with options and rates.

Can I pick up the shipment at the port myself?

No, Port Only shipments are not allowed on international shipments.

Do I have to purchase transportation insurance?

Transportation insurance is optional, but we strongly recommend it. See our Insurance page for more information.

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