Protecting Your Cherished Belongings

Why pay for transportation insurance? It’s a very good question. The main reason we highly recommend getting it is that most homeowner’s policies don’t cover over the water transportation. So, without transportation insurance, you are vulnerable to losing the full value of your shipment if something were to go wrong.

The cost of insurance will be based on the value you determine. There are two ways to determine value:



Clothing $2500
Leather sofa $1500
Antique bureau $1600
Linens $900
Dishes $1000
Set of 8 China $2200
Books $600
Painting, Girl on Bike $1200
Total Value $11,500


Lump Sum


The total value is determined by the weight of the shipment. You are not required to make a list or document any of the contents. 


To give you a sense of comparison, the shipment in the left column weighs 1,000 lbs. Our insurance underwriters recommend a minimum value of $16/lb. As you can see, the value is higher by weight and so is the cost of insurance.

Total Value 1,000 lbs. = $16,000


Why do we believe itemizing the value of your shipment is the safest approach?

  • The calculation is more precise.
  • Better protection if there is a loss.
  • It’s well worth the upfront time to itemize for the peace of mind that you are covered for the full value of your goods.
  • There will be less haggling if there is a claim.


Please Note:

  • The cost (per $1,000 of value) will be listed on your quotation.
  • If you choose to itemize, remember to list replacement value based on the cost to replace it in the destination country.
  • Packed by Owner (PBO) boxes cannot be insured.

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